About ME

Howdy everyone!

My Name is Derrick Forkel and I would like to thank you for visiting site! I'm currently a 3D artist based in the NYC area with a focus in Look development , Grooming, Lighting , and Design. Im currently working full time at Bluesky Animation studios as a Junior Materials Artist on the films Spies in Disguise and Nimona. I grew up on long island and focused a lot in Computer Science in school until I found my passion in creating 3D work. I have a deep love for what I do because I believe it brings Science , Math , and Art together in a very unique way. I'm always looking to improve and learn on my off time by drawing , sculpting , or writing scripts.

I've been very fortunate enough to have internships at studios such as Pixar and Framestore. I love working on a team and I've also had a chance to make a short film called "Pharaoh"  with a partner which is posted on this site!

If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out to my email at  Dforkel3D@gmail.com